Saturday, January 22, 2011

Persoalan hati.?

1. Mengapa manusia cepat berubah.?

Lately, i have been thinking about my relationship. The way he change, why?

:( First thoughts i should leave hym for good. :(

It's not because i don't love hym anymore, i do love hym forever. I mean it!

I just can't see his changes in a short time. It's too difficult.

However, i try to be strong for our relationship sygg. Although i never text you or calling you it's doesn't mean that i have forget about you and our realtionshipp, it just i need a time. I hope you understand.

And i hope u will never forget about me,

For the last time, i hope u will enjoy your days. Happy always and thanks for everything sygg. Thanks for making me feel like I'm the only girl in the world, thanks for making me smile all the time. <3 After this, how's ever your decision i will accept with all my hearts.
Just to let you know. My feeling for you never be the last. I still love youu forever, sayalah orang yang akan mendoakan kejayaan awak.


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